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Painted Jewelry Box
Glass Wine Dispenser
Antique Ceramic Pot

... to the world of the traditional Transylvanian crafts and arts for home and garden.

There's no better way of bringing wood in your home than a wall decorative artwork made from pinewood, representing a woman silhouette, or maybe a hand painted wooden decorative accessory with beautiful motifs such as a painted wooden jewelry box resembling the look of a small hope chest, or a painted wooden spoon , plate or even a wooden grinding mortar .
Now, in the XXI century, in the era of high technologies, metal and plastic goods, we would like to re-iterate the beauty and versatility in your kitchens, by presenting you with wooden kitchenware and wooden platters having a rustic and original design.
We also have the ideal gift for men: one of our genuine wooden bottle supports which would hold their favorite wine or whiskey.

We are thinking of your children, too, offering them safe unpainted wooden toys with well-rounded edges; for boys we have wooden toy trucks and for the girls, wooden doll furniture.
For younger children we have multicolored painted wooden toys representing cute animals built in puzzle manner, wooden bricks and for the older ones, carved chess games.

Mat white glassware decorated with copper is one of our special glassware category, providing an ancient look makes your home more delightful to live in...
For those who loves the blown colored glassware, we have beautiful hand made glass vase collections, as the colored glass vases of the Autumn collection in yellow, orange and brown combination like the leafs in autumn time or the colored glass vases of the Purple collection which reminds you the purple flames of the fire.
We offer you not only decorative products, but also practical ones. The joy of a tasty meal with good wine is completed by a glass wine dispenser on wrought iron stand and a special ambient candle holder which will create a cosy atmosphere. You can also use our unique oil and vinegar glass dispenser on such a special occasion.
For wine lovers we have a smart wine pipette which is a glass wine thief used to take off the wine from the wine barrels.
Of course all these goods can be a proper gift for men, especially our customized drink bottles with a name or a brand fixed inside them, or our unique gift bottles with animal heads of different representative animals, like a stag, a stallion, a scorpion, or even an elephant.
We didn’t forget the ladies, either. For them we suggest a delicate gift: one of our miniature glass figurines - a little angel, a deer, a horse, a cat or a stork.
All these were created to make your home more pleasant to live in.

We would like to bring to your attention our Transylvanian handmade traditional ceramics: glaze ceramics in warm autumnal colors or using the colder combination of blue and white, mat ceramic vases and plates having mellow colors motifs. Also, our artists re-discovered the ceramic pots in antique style and the motifs of the renaissance style ceramics used when producing hand painted glazed ceramics like flower pots, vases, plates, pitchers, bowls, salt and pepper cellars. We also offer beautiful tile color garden pottery or red garden pottery using the old amphora like style with an iron support, ceramic flower pots set, big pitchers. We even have the perfect solution to cheer your garden up: cute ceramic garden dwarfs near a ceramic duck or a big ceramic red mushroom .

Going shopping to the market? We can offer one of our originally shaped wicker market baskets, instead the usual soulless plastic bag. Also, you may have tastefully arranged flowerpots in a wicker basket, on the table in front of your window or in a wicker flower support…And at the end of the day, you can rest and admire the sunset resting on a comfortable wicker garden chair.

If you liked our ceramics or woodenware, you will love our pure wool rugs and carpets with ancient motifs inspired from the tradition of past centuries, very suited to decorate a rustic room with.
We have something for your walls, as well: ingenious, party-colored wall quilts representing red, brown or yellow mushrooms, happy pumpkins, sweet cherries or blooming wild rose with red fruits and gobelins sewed on unpainted fabric, but looking just as a real painting.

Though your garden is a pleasant place, this should be a convenient place, too. For this we can offer you a raw hornbeam wood gazebo or a wood outdoor dinning set made from massive willow wood and containing a big table, two benches and two armchairs. Or maybe just a coffee table set made from the same massive willow wood, the coffee table standing on wild boar legs or a rustic hornbeam wood bench .
As garden decoration we offer you our garden cast stone accessories like lamps, spring wells or cast stone pots.

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